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A Word from the Club President

dawkins-photoIt is my pleasure to serve as the president of the JCSU 100 Club for the next two years.  Without a doubt, these next two years will require strong participation and collaboration of members and friends in order to be successful.

My focus initially will be the following goals.

  • Generate a larger contribution to JCSU athletics
  • Increase 100 Club membership via recruitment, good service, and retention

When the aforementioned goals are synthesized, it means the impetus will be to increase the fiscal year donation to JCSU athletics and to recruit and retain membership by pushing good service and participation.  The strategies for accomplishing these goals will be shared in writing with the 100 Club members.

Alumni, supporters, friends, and businesses are encouraged to join us on our journey to enhance our brand.  We want you to make your tax deductible contribution to this cause.  In addition, we want you to wear fresh – looking apparel proudly, to attend various athletic events, to interact with coaches and student-athletes, to collaborate with other organizations, to reach out to the community, and to build harmonious relationships.

In summary, we want to display pride for our alma mater by supporting our student-athletes and athletic programs. Inevitably, we can successfully hold high the gold and blue with robust participation and collaboration by all stakeholders.  In addition, we need to increase our fiscal year donation and to increase and retain membership via good service during these challenging financial times, especially for HBCUs.  These aforementioned behaviors will positively impact our brand.

Dr. Harold S. Dawkins
Class of 1971

Greetings from the Vice President

tonyamorrow_vpI’m excited about serving as your Vice President of the JCSU 100 Club. As your Vice President, I plan to support the goals of the President, push for new membership, reclaim former members and keep current members interested. I look forward to working with each of you to help keep the Golden Bull pride strong and deep in our hearts. We will support the Athletic Department not only financially but with our presence at the games, fundraising events, spreading the Golden Bull good news, etc. With this said, I expect another successful year and I challenge each of you to encourage a classmate or friend to join this great organization. There’s no question that I support the Athletic Department of JCSU with all of my heart and hold high the Gold and Blue.

Tonya Morrow
Class of 1991