If you are a representative of JCSU athletics interests, the following rules govern your contact with currently enrolled student-athletes.

  • YOU MAY NOT provide a student-athlete any benefits or special arrangements.
  • YOU MAY NOT provide free or reduced room and/or board or any type of transportation for a student-athlete.
  • YOU MAY NOT provide free or reduced room, board, or transportation costs incurred by friends or family of an enrolled student-athlete to visit campus or attend an away athletic contest.
  • YOU MAY NOT expend funds to entertain student-athletes, their friends or relatives. You are not even permitted to buy a soda or a cup of coffee for them.
  • YOU MAY NOT use the name, picture or appearance of an enrolled student-athlete to directly advertise, recommend or promote sales or use of a commercial product or service of any kind. Even the SALE of a picture of an enrolled student-athlete would jeopardize eligibility.
  • YOU MAY NOT use the name, picture or appearance of an enrolled student-athlete to promote an educational or charitable cause until it has been approved by the Compliance Office.
  • YOU MAY NOT provide any payment of expense or loan of any automobile for a student-athlete to return home or to any other location for ANY reason.
  • YOU MAY NOT provide awards or gifts directly or indirectly to a student-athlete for his or her athletic performance. All awards financed by “representatives of athletic interests” must first be approved by the University of Connecticut and meet NCAA award regulations.
  • YOU MAY NOT provide an honorarium to a student-athlete for a speaking engagement. Only necessary travel expenses can be given when speaking to educational or charitable groups. All speaking engagements must be approved in advance by the Compliance Office.
  • YOU MAY NOT allow a student-athlete, his or her friends or relatives to use your telephone to make free local or long distance calls.
  • YOU MAY NOT employ or arrange for the employment of a prospective or enrolled student-athlete without checking first with the Compliance Office. The Division of Athletics is permitted to make arrangements for summer employment for prospects prior to enrollment as freshmen.
  • YOU MAY NOT provide transportation for prospects or student-athletes to their place of employment unless transportation is provided for all other employees.
  • YOU MAY NOT employ student-athletes at a rate which is greater than other employees performing same or similar work. The rate of pay and any benefit received by the student-athlete employee must be commensurate with those received by similarly situated employees (i.e., seasonal, part-time) performing the same or similar work. If there are no employees performing similar work, the student-athlete employee must be paid at a rate commensurate with the going rate for similar services in that locality.
  • YOU MAY NOT pay or provide the expenses (room, board and transportation costs) incurred by friends or relatives to visit an enrolled student-athlete.
  • Representatives of athletic interests are reminded that NCAA rules regarding enrolled student-athletes remain in effect throughout the entire year, including summer break. When student-athletes complete their final season of eligibility, they must abide by NCAA rules until the end of that academic year and/or until they are no longer receiving athletic financial aid.
    NCAA Rules Governing Student-Athlete Employment
    Student-athletes are now permitted to earn legitimate on- and off-campus employment income during the regular academic year as well as during the university’s official vacation periods and the summer.
    A “representative of athletics interests” is permitted to intercede on behalf of an enrolled student-athlete who is looking to secure employment.
  • The student-athlete may not receive any remuneration for the value or utility that the student-athlete may have for the employer because of the publicity, reputation, fame or personal following he or she has obtained because of athletics ability.
  • The student-athlete is compensated only for work actually performed and at a rate commensurate with that received by similarly situated employees (e.g., part-time, seasonal) performing the same or similar work.
  • The Compliance Office is required to approve and monitor student-athlete employment. If you are employing a student-athlete, you will be asked to sign the written statement prior to the student beginning employment. In addition, you may be asked to provide information on their earnings.
    NCAA Rules Governing Agents and Amateurism
    A student-athlete shall lose their amateur status and shall not be eligible for intercollegiate competition in a particular sport if:
  • The student-athlete or family member negotiates signs or enters into any written or oral agreement with an agent.
  • The student-athlete signs a contract or commitment of any kind to play professional athletics, regardless of its legal enforceability.
  • The student-athlete or family member accepts or receives any extra benefits from an agent or anyone who wishes to represent the student-athlete.
  • The student-athlete competes with a professional sports team or competes as a professional in an individual sport and receives any compensation for participation.
  • The student-athlete uses his or her athletic skills for pay or promise of pay.