Q. Is it permissible for a “rep” to expend funds to entertain student-athletes and their friends?
A. No.


Q. Is it permissible for a “rep” to pay or provide the actual and necessary expenses (room, board and transportation costs) incurred by friends or relatives to visit an enrolled student-athlete?
A. No.


Q. Is it permissible for a “rep” to provide gifts or awards to a student-athlete for his or her athletics performance?
A. No. All awards must conform to NCAA awards legislation and must be approved by the institution.


Q. Is it permissible for a “rep” to provide enrolled student-athletes with professional services (for which a fee would normally be charged) for personal reasons?
A. No. Professional services provided at less than normal or at no expense to a student-athlete are considered extra benefits.


Q. Is it permissible for a “rep” to provide enrolled student-athletes a home cooked meal?
A. Yes, provided it is on an ‘occasional’ basis and any such meal is not at a restaurant. Please note: All requests must receive prior approval from coaching staff.


Q. Is it permissible for a “rep” to provide local transportation to enrolled student-athletes for an occasional home-cooked meal?
A. Yes, the key word is ‘occasional’! Please note: All requests must receive prior approval from coaching staff.

Q. Can “reps” entertain relatives and friends of a prospective student-athlete at any site off campus?
A. No.


Q. Can a “rep” make contact with a prospective student-athlete and his or her legal guardian(s) on an official visit to the campus?
A. No. Athletic “reps” are precluded from all recruiting activities.


Q. During an official visit to campus, is it permissible for a “rep” to entertain, buy a complimentary meal for or expend any funds on the prospective student-athlete, his or legal guardian(s), relatives or friends?
A. No. On an official visit to campus, the prospect may only be entertained by the Division of Athletics. The prospect is limited to three complimentary tickets distributed solely by the institution to a regular season home athletic event. The prospect may not be entertained whatsoever by “reps”. Absolutely no funds may be expended by “reps” for the purposes of entertaining a prospect on his/her official visit.


Q. Is it permissible for a “rep” to provide free admission to the institution’s away-from-home contests to prospects, their friends or relatives?
A. No.


Q. Is the contact rule applicable to established family friends or neighbors?
A. No. However, it must be understood that such contacts may not be made for recruiting purposes and may not be initiated by the institution’s coaching staff members.


Q. May a prospect call a “rep”?
A. Yes, a “rep” may have a telephone conversation with a prospect provided the prospect initiates the call and the call was not prearranged by an institutional staff member. A “rep” is not permitted to have a recruiting conversation with the prospect but may exhibit normal civility. A “rep” must refer any questions about the institution’s athletics program to the athletics department staff.


Q. May a “rep” attend a public event (e.g., high school awards banquet or dinner) at which prospects are in attendance?
A. Yes, but any contact with a prospect may not be prearranged by an athletics department staff member, and no attempt may be made to recruit the prospect.


Q. May a “rep” engage in evaluation activities on behalf of the institution?
A. No, even though the legislation does not preclude a “rep” from viewing a prospect’s contest on the “reps” initiative, subject to the understanding that the “rep” may not contact the prospect. In addition, the “rep” is prohibited from contacting the prospect’s coach, principal or counselor in an attempt to evaluate the prospect, as well as from visiting the prospect’s educational institution to pick up film or transcripts pertaining to the evaluation of the prospect’s academic or athletics ability.