I’m Mickel Lane Roseborough, also known as “Cheese” to my friends. I’m originally from Columbia, SC. It is a pleasure and an honor to represent the JCSU 100 Club as your President for 2020 – 2022. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be elected and serve you.

I relocated to Charlotte, NC after high school and attended JCSU on a football scholarship. I played linebacker during my time here and graduated with the class of 1978. Since I was afforded the opportunity to participate in some form of sport the majority of my youth, I now have an earnest desire to help today’s youth to appreciate the benefits of taking an interest in collegiate sports.

During these unprecedented times, many students may need assistance with college tuition and fees. The 100 Club is an athletic organization that was established in an effort to support this cause. The organization can financially assist students in their educational endeavors. I would like to play a part in making that happen. Having remained in Charlotte after college graduation, I’ve had time to develop roots in the 100 Club as well as the JCSU alumni organization. I aspire to work hard to see the 100 Club increase their contributions to the athletic organization, which will provide valuable assistance for our students.

The objective for the next couple of years is to form a 14-person committee and have an ID membership drive and sign up 200 plus members. I would like for us to have a chairman for each category listed below:




Feeling great after the first training, and feeling so much better after accomplishing all the goals! And we have so much more to look forward to! Thank you guys from Redy for your help, support and awesome motivation. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you!

Joe Martinez


I am excited about reaching new goals and meeting more amazing people who appreciate the sport and share the same thoughts. This is really motivational for newbies like myself. Thank you so much for your incredible work that you do for our generation and for the youth!

Jared Moore


The healthy lifestyle makes us move, and running a marathon is a perfect opportunity to strengthen your body, spirit, and willpower. In our community, you will find support and motivation, as well as the way to success. Join our group to start this awesome journey!

Rita Mason

Joe Martinez, EnthusiastJared Moore, DeveloperRita Mason, Designer



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